Laboratories for tests and inspections

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The attention towards the qualitative aspect of each product is something that Ceam has always aimed at. There is no production step on which accurate tests are not performed, often on the basis of protocols that are much more restrictive than the ones prescribed by national and international regulations: starting from the analysis of raw materials and tests on the work progress, and ending with the packaging. The result of such activity is a 0,12% of goods returned by the customers only.

Our internal laboratories are equipped with latest-generation devices and instrumentation, in order to measure electrical performances up to 6 GHz frequencies, perform tests on drag chain, and include also an IMQ-certified chamber for flame and fire resistance tests.

A team of qualified technicians is involved daily in the following activities:

- Electrical and mechanical tests

- Transmission tests

- Aging and behaviour in critical environment tests

- Behaviour against flame and fire tests

- Drag chain tests for acceleration, traction, torsion and bending.


The concept of quality is therefore a fundamental part of the Ceam DNA and is represented by the most qualified national and international certification, and by self certifications issued as guarantee for our products, thanks to the competences and to the presented means.

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