50 years of history, for a boost to innovation!

This year, CEAM Cavi Speciali celebrates its 50th birthday: the foundation of the company, in fact, took place in 1971.

If it were a wedding, we would be talking about a golden anniversary: and maybe, we can somehow talk about it anyway, if we consider the fact that from its very first day, our company has married an ideal of passion and commitment that still represents an hallmark of our presence on the market.

During these 50 years our company, based in Monselice (Italy), has managed to keep pace with constantly evolving technologies, adapting itself both in terms of production processes and research/development, thus gaining a wide experience that is now essential to be able to supply increasingly performing cables, capable of responding to the needs of the national and international markets.

With regards to civil applications, our offer includes fire resistant cables for fire detection, acoustic signaling and evacuation systems – all complying with the V2 version of the CEI 20-105 standard – cables for security and video surveillance systems, coaxial cables for antenna and HDTV systems, and data transmission cables, (also in fire resistant PH120 version), just to name a few.

CEAM Cavi Speciali can also be considered a synonym for industry 4.0, thanks to a wide offer that can meet and satisfy various industrial needs: cables for sensors and encoders, for command and control, and for data transmission on those communication systems that are typical of the field – from those historically present, (such as ProfiBus, CANBus or DeviceNet) to the most recent ProfiNet and Industrial Ethernet based on the Ethernet protocol (now used at every production level), with fixed, flexible, mobile in chain, torsional and robotic installations.

And it is exactly in the industrial field that one of the biggest innovations of these years has been welcomed: the Single Pair Ethernet.

A single twisted pair, as the name suggests, which allows you to have a small diameter, transmit data up to 1Gbps and provide power for some of the most common network devices such as sensors, IP cameras, switches or gateways, thanks to the use of PoDL standard (Power of Data Line): a technology born in the automotive field and linked to the demand for high performances, reliability and small dimensions, which now shows its advantages not only in all industrial installations, but also in applications in the civil field …

… and which represents the future, the innovation, the spark of the passion that has guided us for 50 years, always putting ourselves at our customers’ service … at YOUR service. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us by visiting our website www.ceamcavi.it.

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