Domotics & Building Automation

Smart Houses are becoming more and more popular in these days. The newest “always-connected” generations expect great flexibility, leveraging on home automation and fast connectivity.
Don’t stop the future!

Alarm & CCTV cables

Monitoring and prevention against damages, accidents or injuries and stealings with alarm and CCTV systems is mandatory in modern structures like hotels, hospital and private houses.
Reliability and usability are the key features for alarm and CCTV cables manifactured by CEAM.

Fire detection and evacuation cables

Amongst all fire prevention systems, auto-detection systems are now more and more important.
They allow to rapidly identify dangers, communicating with control rooms or other apparatus to intervene simultaneously.
Homologated acc. with CEI 20-105 V2, fire resistant acc. with UNI 9795:2010 and ensuring link integrity up to 30 minutes acc. with CEI EN 50200. These are the performances of CEAM fire detection and evacuation cables.

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