First. No matter what we do.

This is why we directly take care of every single phase of the realization of our products, of the test we complete, of our warehouses and of the safety, both from the working activities and the environmental point of view.

A cable by CEAM is not just about just the material used: it is the result of the passion and attention we put on what we do. It is in our DNA.


Starting with the raw material, down to the boxing and shipping of the cable, each production phase is traced thanks to a bar code. The row material supplier, the operator and the time of the production phase, the availability and the position in our warehouse… these and many more are the information we can leverage on to walk back on the story of a CEAM product.


It is not just about tracing production phase, but even about testing each of them.

CEAM tests each phase of the production life, thanks to the internal laboratories with tools, instruments and procedures enabling to guarantee all kind of performances of the cables, like the electrical and transmission parameters, the mechanical and chemical properties, and the fire reaction, accordingly with the IMQ standard.


CEAM Cavi Speciali really takes care of the health of its people and of the sorrounding, constantly providing updates and new hints to the employees and investing on new solutions to improve safety in the work environment. An example? The Safety-Gate: a memorandum to anyone who enter the Company that we are the first players in taking a part with safety during our everyday actions.

Talking about products, CEAM is actively taking part in respecting regulations like RoHS, RAEE and REACH, not just to satisfy customers’ requests, but to guarantee a better and safer future to those generation representing our continuum.


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