The story of a family.

An experience

begun in 1971, thanks to the vision of Giovanni Magon, and, since then, constantly evolving and innovating its competences to better answer the demand of modern markets.

The trustful continuity developed through the years, by sharing the founding traditions and values through generations, enabled CEAM to introduce new dedicated productions for audio/video and data cables beside to the coaxial ones, historically produced by the Company. CEAM was the first Company in Italy to homologate its LAN cables accordingly with the ISO 11801 standard and, in the last decade, it has focused on data cables for industrial applications.

Invest to grow, grow to invest.

This is the guiding philosophy in CEAM, leading the Company to invest more than 10% of the turnover every year on research and development, new technologies and commercial and social initiatives.

As a confirmation of the high quality of the production and of the offered service, CEAM Cavi Speciali is a ISO 9001 certified company since 1996 and boast many UL/CSA (Underwriters Laboratories) homologated products.

Passion and ingenuity,

respect for the people, dedication to the business and to the commitments.

By sharing these teachings to the new generations taking part in the CEAM story, the Company has grown from being a vision of its founder to becoming a global player in the data cable market, entering in 2016 into the LAPP Group, one of the world’s leading providers for innovative connection solutions.

CEAM Cavi Speciali


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