NETBUS IE LANFIRE PH120 Cat.5e - Ethernet™ Fire Resistant Cable Cat.5e

F/UTP FRNC-LSZH 4x2xAWG23/1 Cat. 5e

Cca Class – s1a, d0, a1 (CPR UE 305/2011)

Fixed application, indoor use

P/N: 0502850



Conductor: solid bare copper wire – sez. 0,25mm² (23/1AWG)

Insulation: polyolefin – compatible with RJ45 connectors

Insulation colors: white-blue; blue; white-orange; orange; white-green; green; white-brown; brown

Special separation: each insulation is wrapped with a special mineral/glass tape (anti-fire barrier)

Core assembly: cores stranded to pairs

Pair separation: polyolefin tape

Global assembly: pairs stranded together with central filler cross-shaped

Separation: fiber-glass tape


  • Metal tape with overlap
  • Solid bare copper drain-wire (26/1AWG)

Outer jacket: LSZH flame retardant not corrosive – Red RAL 3000

Outer diam.: 8,7 mm



Max DC conductor resistance: 94,2Ω/km

Capacitance C/C (@800Hz): 65 pF/m

Characteristic impedance: 100 Ω (±15%)

Propagation velocity: 66% @ 100MHz

Insulation resistance: ≥ 5,0 GΩxkm

Dielectric test voltage: 0,7 kVac /1 min (core/shield)

Operating voltage: max 110Vac/Vdc



Flame retardant acc. with std. IEC 60332-1

Fire retardant acc. with std. IEC 60332-3-24

Fire resistant acc. with:

  • std. EN 50200 (if applicable): test voltage 125Vac PH120 acc. with std. EN 50289-4-16
  • std. EN 50200 (if applicable): test signal PH120 acc. with std. EN 50289-4-16
  • std. IEC 60331-23 FE90

Determination of the amount of halogen acid gas acc. with std. EN 50267-2-1 e IEC 60754-1

Determination of degree of acidity of gases acc. with std. EN 50267-2-2 e IEC 60754-2

Smoke density acc. with std. IEC 61034-2

Heat release (approx.): 850 MJ/km (0,236 kWh/m)



Patented construction: REG. NO. EP3459085B1

CPR EU 305/11: acc. with std. EN 50575:2014 + A1:2016 class Cca – s1, d0, a1 – Notified Body 0987



Temperature rating: -20°C / +70°C

Min. bending radius: 15 x Ø [mm]

Max applicable weight: 50Kg/10cm

Standard reference: IEC 61156-5; EN 50288-2-1; EN50289-4-46; ISO/IEC 11801; EN 50173; EN 50200; IEC 60331-23

Max. pulling force: 100N

Technical documents

Technical datasheet

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